The Cost of Spam

A report released by the University of Maryland's School of Business estimates the seemingly simple effort of deleting email spam costs U.S. businesses more than $21.6 billion each year. 

According to the report, 78% of online adults receive spam every day (the amazing statistic to me is 22% say they don't receive any spam). In deleting the email spam, online users waste more than 22.9 million hours each week. 

But before you glaze over at the sheer size of the statistics, a little math makes it more relevant for small businesses. The report suggests the average employee, spends 14 minutes per week deleting email spam. If that average employee is paid $1,152 per week (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), the cost per employee averages only $129 per year. However 11% of adults report they spend more than 5 minutes each day deleting spam. Nearly 56% of email was spam in June 2016, down from a high of 71% in April 2014 according to Statista.