Another hour, another Blog (Another Minute, Another Blog?)

I always open my workshops on Blogs with this line: "I believe Blogs are an important communications/marketing tool that should be used by every organization. But, if you start a Blog, make sure you have a purpose firmly in mind and have the time commitment to regularly contribute to it. There are too many Blogs that start with good intentions, only to become dormant. . .and eventually . . . abandoned."

I also add we haven't had a Blog for those reasons. But as we launched this new Website, we're also now launching our own Blog. It's time.  

This Blog will focus on the ways nonprofits and small businesses use the Internet. I like to think of myself as a 'vision-bearer' not a technician. So this Blog will be more about "vision" subjects than technical "how tos." We'll talk about statistics, we'll consider trends, and we'll throw in some current news. I hope you'll find we have something interesting to say.