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We can do a good job for you because we are you. New Village Media grew out of a  non-profit that began using online media to serve the goals of other non-profits in 1996. We share your frustrations; we know your limitations. Each of us celebrates the same caring, diverse, mission-driven sense of satisfaction in contributing to the common good and furthering social justice causes. When the string in the net is pulled, we know how to react.

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Your Best Engagement Tool

Whether you engage in subscription online newsletter services, e-mail “blasts,” social media marketing or surveys, NVM’s Mail @lways can help you engage your audience. Send a newsletter. Encourage online donations. Strengthen member relationships. Run a Facebook promotion. Manage events. Call us today to improve your email marketing.  

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Search Engine Marketing

At New Village Media, we know that a Website without traffic is just art and copy. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) leverages the power of search engines to generate exposure, visibility, and brand awareness. Our SEM experts can help you generate a continuous stream of targeted visitors and improving sales opportunities 

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Successful Social Media

Have you been selected with tackling your social media strategy, but can't quite figure out where to start? Social media is an evolving medium that mystifies even the most knowledgeable technology users. That's where we come in. We spend long hours staying ahead of the trends so you don't have to. Let's talk!

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Winning Online Donations

When it comes to successfully raising money online, being able to work with a personal guide dedicated to helping create your own online fundraising solution is usually far more important than fancy cookie-cutter tools built for thousands of organizations. Call on us to help your nonprofit organization create a successful online donation strategy.