collaborative web strategies

We should warn you up front – we ask a lot of questions. We dig for a better understanding of who you are…what you do…whom you serve…and how you are different from everyone else out there. We bring fresh eyes and broad experience to the research and analysis that can give you a whole new perspective. Our clients often say they discovered wonderful things they never knew about their own organization.

We call this process Discovery.

NVM site audits

What Works and What Doesn't

A New Village Media site audit, analyzed and prepared by actual people, will look critically and constructively at your Website and other online marketing initiatives. When it is complete, you’ll have a complete custom report with concrete recommendations for improvements.

Online consulting

When You Just Need a Guide

Sometimes you are not sure how to define your online objectives. To help you strategically sort out the possible and the practical, a short-term consultation may be the best solution. We bring years of experience, professionally trained experts, and a real knowledge of more than two decades of online marketing. 

Illustration of accessiblity

Accessibility Isn’t Just for Buildings

Is your information accessible to both disabled and non-disabled people? Are you complying with current laws regarding information access? The New Village Media team will take the mystery out of compliance, whether this means ensuring an understanding of current laws or simply being able to accommodate a visually impaired coworker or member of your audience.

Planning Global Websites

Geographic targeting made easy

Want to serve your content to users based on their physical location? New Village Media has at-your-fingertips technology that targets your message to users worldwide. Our geo-targeting and localization solutions serve country-specific, state or even a city and/or language-specific content no matter where your viewers are located. 

Illustration of workshop leader

We Like to Share What We’ve Learned

New Village Media team members welcome the opportunity to share years of pioneering knowledge and expert experience through topical keynote presentations and digital marketing workshops. Call us when you are planning your next conference.