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TYPO3 CMS automates the process of creating and updating and managing the content on your Website. It transforms the demanding job of keeping your site current and accurate into a few simple, fast procedures. No more waiting days for content to be updated by the staff person with a particular software application installed on their computer or the technical knowledge to understand how your CMS works. TYPO3 is designed for easy use by teams of contributors or just one or two Web coordinators with just a click of a mouse!

Simply put New Village Media's TYPO3. . . Enables you to easily manage, edit and organize units/areas of content whether your Website includes a dozen or thousands of pages.  

Many Features Available

TYPO3 CMS has grown by meeting the needs of thousands of Website owners. Some of the world's best programmers and consultancies have a vested interest in the development of TYPO3 and have formed a strong community in response to that need. When ideas are initiated, they are openly discussed among the development community and quickly integrated into the next version of the software or built into an extension. Website owners drive product features and TYPO3 is continually improved.

TYPO3 is completely expandable through the use of individual feature extensions available for the TYPO3 system. Once TYPO3 has been installed on a site, additional extensions can be easily added any time in the future.

More than 1,500 extensions extend the functionality of the Web Content Management System. And unlike many other Open Source products, all of the extensions must meet rigorous quality assurance and security standards. What this means to our customers is that are far fewer software bugs reported than with most other Open Source CMS products.

Whether you are looking to manage content for a large organization, school, non-profit organization or a small business, New Village Media will provide you with an enterprise-level, feature-rich solution that meets your needs. In a feature-by-feature comparison, TYPO3 offers more options than other commonly available commercial Content Management Systems -- and because it is Open Source, there are no annual licensing fees!

Security Emphasis

Web site security

One of the biggest challenges using Open Source Web applications is that when many different developers contribute to the final product, no one checks the quality of the programming for each piece. This means an extension built by one sloppy developer can leave your entire Web site susceptible to hackers. For example, more than 100 security warning bulletins have been issued during the past year on one of the most popular Open Source CMS products in the U.S. TYPO3 extensions are subject to a rigorous set of standards and checking before they are shared for use in the CMS. In the rare instances that a security bulletin is issued, upgrades are made available and applied to your site within days.

Free Open Source Software

TYPO3 is Open Source, available under the GPL license and free to use. With commercial and proprietary systems, the cost of license fees can add up quickly as you add content editors, software extensions, servers and databases. None of these fees apply to TYPO3. With the Open Source licensing model, you can minimize the amount of your initial investment, which increases your ROI (Return on Investment) over the same time period.

In addition to the financial gains of using Open Source, you will also have the freedom of choice. With similar commercial systems, you cannot alter the software, build additional functionality or even control your data because you are locked in a contract that prevents you from doing so. As the Web changes, you won't be able to change with it. Instead, you will be at the mercy of the company that developed the software. With thousands of Content Management Systems available today, it is not uncommon for a software company to go out of business unexpectedly. You may end up with an expensive CMS that you can no longer even use and the cost of migrating your data to a new system could be astronomical.

You can avoid these problems by choosing TYPO3 which is used by more than 50,000 Web sites around the world. When New Village Media builds your site with TYPO3, your organization will join the ranks of major organizations including many Fortune 500 companies.

Focus on Usability

A CMS can only be successful if content editors and administrators are willing to use it. This makes usability a very important factor when choosing a system. Unfortunately, most of the time you have to choose between a CMS that is easy to use or one that has the functionality you need. With TYPO3, you won't have to make that decision since the software already maintains a good balance between the two.

For content editors, TYPO3 takes very little time to learn (from 30 minutes to a few hours) and there are many tools available to help. TYPO3 is a browser-based CMS that runs on most platforms (Windows, Mac or Linux) and is compatible with a variety of current browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). With few limits on what editors can use to edit the site, enterprises can easily integrate TYPO3 into their multi-platform environment.

There are two ways to edit in TYPO3: on the web page itself, "frontend" and through the software, "backend". Text is edited using familiar word processing-style icons. You can cut and paste text and images from a program such as Word into the TYPO3 editing window. Images can be automatically resized. Content can be set to hide and unhide on certain dates. It can also be restricted to certain users and groups.

Editing through the frontend allows editors to make changes directly on a page. They can navigate through the site, making updates and additions with little effort using toolbars at the bottom of each piece of content.

The backend offers more advanced editing features and tools. Editors can create pages and content, cut and paste items using multiple clipboards, move records, insert pages or a series of pages, search inside the system for a specific item, view logs, add a translation, access the task center, etc. Unlike many other frameworks, TYPO3 intuitively lays out pages in the backend, following a page-tree format that mirrors the Website's architecture. Editors will be able to find the pages they need quickly and they can even create shortcuts to access frequently edited pages. As they move or delete pages, the menu will automatically update to reflect the changes.

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