innovation with online solutions

From the outset to the end of every project, our approach is a cooperative effort. We are information professionals with a tremendous collective expertise but we are only as good as how we work with your staff. We aim to function just like an internal corporate communications department -- knowing your organization from the inside out and able to create the best online solutions to spread your message to the world.

Plan to build online tools

Building Tools With a Plan

What sounds like a corporate “catch-phrase” is actually the backbone of New Village Media's guarantee of success. Your Scope of Work (SOW) will include schedule of deliverables with flexibility built in for changes and adjustments. Using the SOW our project manager will make sure we meet the site requirements at each step along the way.

Responsive designs key to success

New Village Media builds websites aimed to provide an optimal viewing experience – easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling. Your site should work across a wide range of devices. Our Web designers create flexible images and content that easily adapt the layout of your site to the viewing environment. 

The Right CMS for Your Site

In 1998, New Village Media built ContentWhiz! – one of the first Website Content Management Systems (CMS) primarily to meet a customer’s requirements. Now, nearly two decades later, we still focus on the customer’s requirements before recommending a CMS solution. Whether your requirements are best met by TYPO3, SilverStripe, WordPress, or another CMS our staff has the experience to deliver what’s best for your needs. 

High Availability Cloud Hosting

High availability cloud hosting

What's this mean for you? Simply put, it's the time your system – including your Website and the CMS behind it – are available. As the provider of your Web services, New Village Media promises infrequent outages, scheduled preventative maintenance and a measurable operational performance.