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History & Mission

When it comes to media design and production companies, New Village Media Inc. is not only interesting, we are genuinely unique. In 1996, we started out as the Web development service for a national nonprofit news organization.

Since that brave start, we've developed into a mature, full-service multimedia company for nearly one hundred clients throughout the eastern United States. We now count eight national disaster response organizations among our active clients. When a disaster occurs - anytime, anywhere - these organizations count on New Village Media to provide critical and se cure Internet communication services.

In addition to building secure and reliable service for major mission-critical clients, New Village Media is also known for ContentWhiz!TM, our growing suite of Content Management tools that are used by small and large clients to quickly and easily manage their Web sites. And unlike some virtual companies that contract out services, all of the work provided by New Village Media is done in-house. When there is a question or a custom solution is needed, our staff is available specifically for the needs of our clients.

Our company's first office was located in a drafty, former woolen mill where we shared a dial-up Internet connection with a neighbor and hosted our Web sites in Toronto, Canada. Today, we lease space in a modern office building in Columbia, Maryland, are connected to the Internet through a dedicated T-1 connection, and have our own Web servers co-located in a secure off-site facility with multiple connections to the Internet.

Over the years, we've learned, we've grown, but some things haven't changed. The approach is still inventive, the creativity is still affordable, and building "collaborative partnerships" is still our mission.

For our clients, it simply means we specialize in helping all sizes and types of organizations successfully use New Media and emerging technologies. We know the software, we investigate the applications, and we translate them into solutions for our clients.

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